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GOVI brings innovation
and freshness on the road.

GOVI trailer refrigeration units can help you increase
your business exponentially with minimal effort.

Freshness and Reliability

We offer the right cooling solution for every application.
GOVI refrigeration units are the ideal solution for small and medium-size commercial trailers. Designed to be portable at an affordable price allowing customers everywhere the reliability they need.

Simple Conversion

GOVI units can be installed in less than 1 hour and are the ideal solution for front mounted enclosed trailers. The sleek design eliminates the need for refrigeration lines typical in traditional refrigeration and provides
a “plug and play” solution to complicated systems.


GOVI’s versatile units can be used in a number of applications, here are just some of the uses:

Food & Beverage sellers at parks, camp sites, fairs, festivals, and vacation sites
Disaster Relief and Emergency Services
Disaster Relief and Emergency Services
Family Reunions, Weddings
Sporting events with Tailgating, Concerts and Parades
Marinas (fish and seafood storage)
Corporate sponsorships, such as marathons
Exhibitions and trade shows
Flower growers and related transportation providers
Concession trailers for refrigerated products

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Church Picnics
Catering and Hospitality Industry
Fast food chains backup or temporary storage needs
Looking for a refrigerated beer trailer? Cheers!
Backup System to your Walk In Cooler or Freezer
Meat, Seafood and Produce on site processing and transportation.

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If you have a specific requirement for a special application that you do not see here contact us for a customized request.
We have already implemented countless custom projects and will be happy to evaluate your project.